New Yachts Sales

We are proud to represent the most important Shipyard Brands both in sailing and motor Yachts, see the full on line catalogues and contact us to choose the best boat configuration and price for your personal satisfaction. We will follow you step by step to find the perfect Yacht!

Our Shipyard Brands

Dehler Yachts

This iconic brand is now in production at the Hanse yard where a skilled and dedicated workforce are producing fast, beautiful yachts incorporating the engineering and innovation that has made the brand famous all over the world.

Ice Yachts

Ice Yachts has a clear idea of the concept of each yacht we built. Strength and lightness are the key guide lines, matched with style and functionality below deck. Great care and experience, come into play , when we select accessories and system for the various technical needs of the boat. Ice Yachts takes care of every aspect of the aesthetic and functional approach of the project , in the interior, in the material choice, in the sail plan  and in deck layout creating an impressive mix between design,  functionality and high performances because a real  ICE Yacht must be very nice but also extremely efficient and fast.

Cantiere Navale De Cesari

This Shipyard is an exclusive brand of international sailing and it is one of the five sites in Europe, unique in Italy, able to produce prototypes of large sails: his creations are all unique, exclusive and true jewels of the sea. The “Cantiere Navale De Cesari” is a company founded over 50 years ago by Adriano De Cesari, and now led by his son Paolo, master carpenter, who with his work, has established the family tradition.

Tuccoli Fishing Boats

Tuccoli, a shipyard with 70 years of history, reinterprets the fisherman boat category, transforming the concept under the sign of versatility. Technical, functional and designed to satisfy even professional fishermen, Tuccoli creations are recreational boats where nothing is left to chance: habitability, comfort, attention to detail are all in the name of beauty and quality. Pure Made in Italy, from design to construction.

Joy Marine

All the boats in the Joy Marine range are designed and built with innovative and high-tech solutions and concepts currently used in the automotive sector. Joy 50’ is a light boat with exceptional performance but strong and safe, Joy 50’ is built using unidirectional or multiaxial carbon, high density and thick PVC and epoxy resin. Materials that guarantee the best resistance but also lightness. Each component is numerically controlled with the utmost care and attention to detail. The structure of Joy Marine products offer considerable possibilities for customization.