The Pyxis 30′ Walk-Around is one highly versatile multipurpose boat, most comfortable both above and below deck, and extremely safe in any condition. Ideal for fishing expeditions, or fast tours. This modern Weekend Cruiser features Italian, design and the leading international components industries. A true all-rounder, with its stylish and captivating lines the P-30WA is unmatched in its category. For the development of its new 30ft series Pyxis Yachts has entrusted its vision and its brand values to two high caliber designers. Alessandro Chessa for the overall concept, and Carlo Galeazzi for styling and interior design. The P-30wa clearly stands above the rest as the product of their genius and vast experience. Sleek, tough, and safe, Pyxis Yachts 30wa is a modern Weekend Cruiser featuring sporty and captivating lines. This is one highly versatile multipurpose boat, a true all rounder. Namely thanks to the extensive development of the hull through 3D modeling, and by prototyping with 5-axis mills and CAM technology to obtain the perfect mix between performance and comfort.