Yacht Services

Yacht Management

We provide you with highly-skilled experts to maintain your yacht with a management program controlled by professionals who understand in the best way the world of yachting.

Yacht Transfer

We can organize and oversee Yachts transfers all over the world, at sea with selected crews, by ship or by truck.


We can manage with the best Shipyards available the following professional refit services:

  • Boat updates;
  • Carbon Fiber and epoxy sandwich specialist;
  • Custom solution specialist;
  • IRC and ORC optimization;
  • Rigging

Certificate Surveyors

  • Marine Technical Surveys pre – purchase and for insurance made with ultrasound investigation instruments, thermal imaging camera and drones for the mast, spreaders and all the standing rigging controls

CE Marking

  • CE Marking;
  • Italian Safety Certificate (ex RINA);
  • Post Construction Assesment